Any client who purchased a seat on board the vessel marketed by MONACO RIVIERA COMMUNICATION on one of the three days offered for the occasion of the Monaco Grand Prix acknowledges that they have read these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and accepts them unconditionally.


  • These General Terms and Conditions of Sale determine the contractual relationship established between MONACO RIVIERA COMMUNICATION (hereinafter “MRC”) for Sarl MONACO RIVIERA NAVIGATION, 8 Quai l’Hirondelle, and the Client, resulting from the purchase of (a) seat(s) on board a vessel moored at the quay of MONACO Harbour, known as “Port Hercule”, during the Monaco Automobile Grand Prix (hereinafter “the Event”), including practice sessions and races in Formula 1 and other categories, to take place on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

  • The Client is to be understood as any person who purchases their ticket for the boat and the services offered by MRC directly or through an intermediary (third person, agency, company staff committee, etc.). Clients purchasing their tickets directly acknowledge that they have been made aware of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and accept them unconditionally.
    Intermediaries purchasing one or more boat tickets on behalf of one or more persons to whom they then pass on the ticket(s) acknowledge that they have been made aware of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and accept them unconditionally. They undertake to bring them to the attention of the person(s) that will make use of the ticket(s), who is (are) de facto bound by this commitment.

  • Bookings will only be taken into account upon receipt by MRC of this document, duly completed, dated and signed by the Client or by the intermediary (business stamp mandatory for companies or any entity other than a private individual), accompanied by full payment.

  • Confirmation will then be sent to the Client by return and by any means available. The booking will only become effective when this confirmation is dispatched by MRC.

  • MRC reserves the right to refuse any order that it considers to be incomplete or that it deems unacceptable, without needing to provide justification thereof.

  • No cancellations may be made by the Client after seven (7) full days have passed from the date confirmation was dispatched by MRC.

  • The tickets, as well as various instructions, shall be sent by registered post to the address indicated by the Client approximately 3-4 weeks before the Event. Once received by the Client (the post office receipt providing proof thereof), MRC may not be held liable for any theft or loss of ticket(s) and/or pass(es) issued by the Automobile Club of Monaco and/or voucher(s) issued by MRC, that might render access to the circuit impossible. No duplicates can be issued.

  • For many years now, MRC has obtained a position with a view of the bend known as Tobacco shop Corner. However, for reasons outside the control of MRC including “restraint of princes” (decisions of harbour authorities, race organisers, etc.), this position may change when spaces are officially allocated a few days prior to the Event. MRC may not be held liable in such cases.

  • Should a major and unforeseeable occurrence prevent the vessel from entering Monaco harbour for the Event (serious fire, engine failure in the days leading up to the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, collision at sea giving rise to a serious hull breach immobilising the boat, etc.), MRC undertakes to reimburse payments made by clients as soon as possible. The company may not, however, be held liable for damages and compensation in the event that the service is cancelled for reasons outside its control.

  • In the event of force majeure, as defined by Monegasque law and case law, preventing performance hereof, however, no money will be refunded to the Client under any circumstances.

  • MRC may not be held liable for any changes to the dates and/or times of the Event for any reason whatsoever.

  • For reasons of safety and comfort, children under 12 years of age (on the day of the Event) shall not be allowed on board the vessel, except where a dispensation is granted by MRC Management. Responsibility for any minor children on board during the race shall be incumbent solely upon their parent(s) or those accompanying the children.

  • The Client declares that they have been informed of the fact that they may be asked to show an identity card or other identification document at any time by the Event organisers, at checkpoints, in order to board the vessel, and confirms that he or she is able to comply with any request in this regard.

  • The Client authorises MRC to use any photographs or video footage taken during the Event, in which the Client may appear by chance, for marketing purposes. Photographs and videos may be reproduced on any type of media, including the Internet and social networks.

  • Since the consumption of beer, wine, champagne, aperitifs and liqueurs is possible on board, as well as water, fruit juice and other soft drinks, the Client undertakes to consume alcohol in moderation and remains solely responsible for his or her behaviour and any consequences (falls on board, on water taxis, etc.).

  • MRC staff reserve the right to refuse to continue to serve any client that they believe is showing signs of intoxication.

  • Alcohol consumption by minors is strictly prohibited.

  • Courteous and polite behaviour is required on board with regard to fellow passengers, crew members and other staff. Any breach of this obligation will lead to the Client and/or accompanying persons being removed from the vessel. No refunds may then be requested.

  • This document is governed solely by Monegasque law, excluding any other. In the event of a dispute, the parties shall enter into negotiations with a view to amicable resolution. If no solution can be found, the dispute shall then be referred to the competent courts of the Principality of MONACO, excluding any other.